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The Superiority of Marine Collagen over Bovine Collagen

The Superiority of Marine Collagen over Bovine Collagen

The best collagen in India is a buzzword that has received immense recognition for all the right reasons! In this age of skincare enthusiasm, one can’t help but resort to the only supplement that helps tremendously in reversing the signs of aging. Collagen is mostly available or preferred in the form of marine or bovine collagen.

While both marine and bovine collagen offer numerous benefits, marine collagen stands out as a superior option due to its unique characteristics and effectiveness. In this article, we will explore why marine collagen surpasses bovine collagen in terms of quality and efficacy.

The Distinction: Marine Collagen vs. Bovine Collagen

Source and Bioavailability:

Marine collagen is sourced from fish, such as cod, salmon, or deep-sea fish, while bovine collagen is derived from cows. Marine collagen possesses a lower molecular weight and smaller particle size, making it more easily absorbed and utilized by the body compared to bovine collagen. This superior bioavailability ensures that marine collagen can effectively reach the skin and other target tissues, maximizing its benefits.

Purity and Absence of Contaminants:

Marine collagen is renowned for its high purity levels and minimal contamination risks. Since fish are typically found in cleaner and relatively less polluted surroundings, marine collagen is less likely to contain harmful toxins, hormones, or antibiotics commonly associated with bovine collagen. This purity factor ensures a safer and cleaner collagen source for supplementation.

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing:

Marine collagen is often obtained as a byproduct from the fish industry, making it a sustainable choice. By utilizing fish parts that would otherwise go to waste, marine collagen minimizes environmental impact. Moreover, responsible sourcing practices ensure the protection of marine ecosystems and adherence to ethical standards.

INJA Wellness recognizes the remarkable benefits of marine collagen and has developed premium wellness collagen supplements that help combine the advantages of marine collagen with hydrolyzation, further enhancing its absorption and effectiveness.



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