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What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is 30 % of total body protein content & 80 % of the skin’s protein. It is a natural protein, which is produced by our body, but decreases once we hit our 20’s and hence, needs to be ingested as a supplement. Collagen originates from the Greek word ‘kolla’ meaning glue. It is the sticky substance that we are made of. It holds it all together: Skin, bones, muscles, blood vessels, tendons, cartilage, teeth.

What are the main sources of Collagen peptides & which is the best?

Collagen peptide is usually extracted from the skin & bones of pigs (Porcine Collagen), cattle (Bovine Collagen) or from the skin and scales of fish (Marine Collagen). From the above, Collagen derived from Fish (Marine Collagen) is considered easier to digest while enjoying faster absorption due to its low molecular weight and high bio-availability. Moreover, it is deemed safer than Collagen from animals due to the absence of diseases that normally may affect mammals. As an additional benefit, fish collagen does not have any foul odour and mixes perfectly with almost any drink.

What is the Source of INJA Collagen?

INJA Collagen is 100% Natural High Quality Collagen, a clinically tested bio peptide extracted from the skin and scales of Fish. INJA has products which use Japanese Collagen as well as Indian Collagen, both of the highest quality.

Is there a vegetarian source of Collagen?

We have Collagen derived from vegetarian and non vegetarian sources. If you are in doubt which collagen is the right one for you, take our quiz, to get a custom recommendation for your needs.

Is it Collagen type 1, 2 or 3?

INJA Collagen is primarily type 1 Collagen. 90% of the Collagen present in our body comprises of Type 1 Collagen.

What is the right age to start consuming Collagen?

Collagen, as a Dietary Supplement can be consumed after the age of 15 years. However, it is reported safe & also recommended for 12 years & above, who are involved in professional sports.

Why is it necessary to have a daily supplementation of Collagen?

Once we reach 20 years of age, the Collagen production in our body slows down, resulting in the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, muscle-sagging, joint pain and ageing. Supplementation of Collagen becomes increasingly important with age to maintain the health of our joints and other internal organs and in the process, also enhancing the aesthetics. Research further indicates that Collagen supplementation improves immunity, building of muscle mass and protects against UV induced damage.

What is the ideal Dosage of INJA Collagen?

The minimum should be 5 – 10 grams per day. For those in the fitness & glamour industry or those recovering from an ailment, the dosage should be between 10 – 30 grams per day depending on the body-weight, activity level, condition & personal-targets.

How fast will the results be seen & what is the recommended trial period for consuming Collagen?

Experts believe that it takes the human body about 12-16 weeks for cellular regeneration and thus, any new nutritional supplement that our body starts, needs to be regularly consumed for a period of 3-4 months. The same goes for INJA Collagen. With that being said, one may start experiencing the virtues of Collagen after a couple of weeks, depending on how sensitive & observant the person is to the changes in the body. Some experience the results faster while others take some time before they start experiencing. However, Collagen starts working silently from within, from the very first intake itself, in the form of repairing, rebuilding & rejuvenating.

What is the right time to consume Collagen?

Consume INJA Collagen as part of your healthy breakfast, pre/post work-out or before bed-time. Principally speaking, Collagen supplementation is good at any time of the day, depending on one’s own convenience & body-response.

How long should one continue taking Collagen?

All of us need around 5 grams – 30 grams of Collagen supplementation everyday depending on the body-weight, activity level, condition & personal-targets. After the initial trial period of 12-16 weeks, if one wants to continue benefiting from the virtues of Collagen, it should be made an integral part of one’s daily dietary regimen

Do the benefits & repairs reverse on stoppage of Collagen consumption?

No, the benefits once accrued, do not reverse. However, because the body is continuously breaking down Collagen on a daily basis, the levels of Collagen in the body will start decreasing again. This will result in the loss of repair once seen due to the daily supplementation of Collagen. We are subjecting our body to various kinds of regular wear & tear, all the time. If we intend to either prevent it from happening or slow it down, or even repair the damage which is being caused on a daily basis, regular consumption of Collagen becomes highly beneficial.

Does heat or cold affect the efficacy of Collagen?

No, the heating of the Collagen peptide does not affect its efficacy. Same applies for low temperatures even to a frozen level.

Is it safe to consume Collagen?

Collagen is naturally present in our body and is also consumed daily by millions of people world over, before, after or along with their meals. Therefore, this product is usually classified as ‘foodstuff’ or ‘food supplement’ under most countries’ laws. As Collagen is essentially a ‘food’, there is no ‘medical’ indication applicable to it as a principle. However, responsible manufacturers always recommend that in case of doubt, the consumer should consult the doctor, particularly in cases of people with special cases of discomfort.

Can pregnant / lactating women & consumers with existing medical conditions consume INJA LifeCollagen?

Consumers with allergic reactions, existing medical conditions and pregnant / lactating women should consult a Physician or Medical Professional before use.

Will Collagen consumption lead to weight-gain?

No, consumption of INJA Collagen will not lead to weight gain. In fact, it helps significantly in lowering the levels of Fat-Free Mass.

Can Collagen be taken by someone who wants to put on weight?

Given the fact that Collagen is PURE protein, it helps in building ‘Lean Mass’ or Muscles. Collagen supplementation facilitates the journey towards an optimum body-weight.

Why should one choose INJA over other Collagen food sources?

On consuming INJA Collagen, the body absorbs over 90% of Collagen within 6 hours of consumption. Whereas for Collagen sourced from other food sources, the body absorbs less than 25%.

Is INJA Collagen Halal?

Yes, fish that have scales are considered halal & INJA Collagen is Marine Collagen, made from the skin & scales of fish.

What is the importance of Collagen consumption for the Seniors of the family?

Most Seniors suffer from ‘Sarcopenia’ which is the loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength as a result of ageing. Physically inactive people can also lose as much as 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after age 30. Sarcopenia leads to decrease in metabolic rate, resulting in decreased muscle strength, problems with mobility, frailty and falls, weak bones (Osteoporosis), fractures, diabetes, middle age weight gain and loss of physical function. Age related muscle loss is inevitable, but exercise in combination with adequate protein intake, especially Collagen, can play a key role in the prevention and management of Sarcopenia. For Seniors, a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle, along with Collagen supplementation can also reduce the probability of internal injuries & the subsequent hospitalisation.

How should one consume Collagen?

Put INJA Collagen in an empty glass, pour about 100 ml water, stir well & consume immediately. You may also consume INJA Collagen by mixing it in tea, coffee, juice, yogurt, smoothie any other food product.


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