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Controlled hydrolysis
makes the difference

Formulated in Japan through complex and controlled hydrolysis, our collagen is the highest quality available and is 1.5x more efficiently absorbed by your body than other sources.

Flavours so good, you’ll want it every day.

Explore expertly crafted formulations with flavours and non-flavoured options that mix smoothly, without odour and make you look forward to having it every day.



India’s 1st veg collagen

Zoom INJA Veg Collagen - Blackcurrant
Zoom INJA Veg Collagen - Blackcurrant
Zoom Black Currant
Zoom Black Currant

INJA Veg Collagen - Blackcurrant

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Improve your collagen levels with India’s first Veg Collagen made with the finest quality veg peptides – not a booster or a builder.

Best for your health

One scoop. Once day. Everyday.

Years of testing by scientists, biologists and industry experts across India and Japan, makes our collagen simply the highest quality available in the whole world.

Effective to the core

The powerful properties in our collagen makes sure you see visible results before you hit the 60th day.

30 days

Rise in Levels of Collagen in the Body

60 days

Reduction in Fine-Lines & Wrinkles. Enhanced Skin Glow and Healthier Hair

90 days

Adequate Collagen Level

Post 90 days

Continue Consumption to Maintain and Improve Results

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