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When Should You Start Having Collagen?


If you’re in your twenties, you’re probably feeling energized and healthy, and you’re looking forward to staying wrinkle-free until your thirties. Anti-ageing products may appear irrelevant – or even unnecessary- but this is the right time to start taking steps to avoid both inner and outer ageing and health problems.

Did you know that subsequently after the age of 20, your collagen levels diminish at a rate of about 1% every year? There are various apparent impacts of reduced collagen in the body, but the most widely discussed is the loss of skin suppleness and elasticity.


Collagen is necessary for the smooth, ‘bouncy’ skin that is associated with youth, and it is frequently the focus of collagen-based skincare routines and products. When your body produces less collagen, your skin becomes duller, and older skin sags more over time.

Collagen supplementation has a slew of advantages that will have you feeling and looking your best.

You can start taking collagen supplements as early as you like. People of all ages can benefit from taking additional collagen. In order to gain the maximum benefit, you could start taking collagen supplements in your twenties and maintain this throughout your thirties, forties, fifties and beyond. That said, our customers of all ages report great results with our products, so it’s never too late to start your collagen consumption!


Since collagen production slows down with age, it is imperative to take care of your skin because you will wear it every day for the rest of your life. If there’s only one thing you remember, make it this: Collagen supplementation is a preventive measure. This means it works best before the onset (or progression) of deep wrinkles and severe sagging. So, if you’re ready to get serious about your skin health in your twenties, it’s certainly worth thinking about taking collagen supplements and practicing other skin-friendly habits

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