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When is the best time to consume Collagen?

Am I maximizing my collagen consumption by taking it first thing in the morning? On an empty stomach or after meals? Should I add it to my pre or post-workout whey protein shakes? Should I wait before bedtime or should I pair it with certain foods? Should I fast and take collagen or not? These are questions that often pass people’s minds when it comes to the best time to consume collagen supplements.There is a lot of science backing up the fundamental benefits of Collagen, none of them specifies the optimal time. As there is no proof that collagen supplements can be had at a specific time, it is a wise conclusion to make that the time of day doesn’t really matter.

So the question is, why aren’t their studies on the best time to consume? Well, collagen supplements are complex.

Fibroblasts are the method that our body uses to create collagen. These cells are programmed to produce a collagen matrix, which is the main structural component of connective tissue, according to this study. This is why collagen is immensely complex. There is no scientific evidence that shows fibroblasts are impacted at different times of the day as it is a recurring feat of your body that is not magically active at specific times. Therefore, supplementing with collagen at certain times does not affect its efficacy.

Here are various times of the day where and how collagen supplements can be consumed:-

Morning:-At INJA Wellness, we usually recommend consuming collagen supplements in the morning as it is the most consistent part of your day and most people will remember to have it with any hot beverages or water. However, this does not mean that it is the best time of the day.

Post workouts:-Some studies claim that taking whey protein after a workout is recommended. Some articles claim within 30 minutes post workouts. However, collagen supplements with your whey protein shakes can help boost recovery, increase athletic performance and reduce the risk of injuries. If you’re already having a post-workout whey protein shake, it can be a good idea to add collagen to it as well.

Before bedtime:-Collagen supplements are loaded with amino acids, one, in particular, glycine, is very beneficial for improving the quality of your sleep. However, having collagen before bedtime or after doesn’t make a difference because the absorption time is technically 3-6 hours post-consumption. It is a supplement that regulates your sleep; however, it is not the solution for extreme cases of insomnia.

In hot or cold liquids:-Collagen supplements are not heat or cold-sensitive. This means that the efficacy of collagen does not diminish in extreme hot or cold liquids. So feel free to add it to either.

On an empty stomach:-If any supplements are recommended to be had on an empty stomach, this means that the supplement requires your digestive system to be at full capacity. However, Collagen supplements that are hydrolysed are actually already broken down due to the process of hydrolysis. The process of hydrolysation breaks the collagen molecule down into easy-to-digest particles which improve the absorption rate significantly. Which means it is semi-digested prior to consumption. Therefore, there is no need to have collagen supplements on an empty stomach.

So what is the best time to have collagen?The best time is whenever is most convenient for you as long as you’re incorporating it daily, without fail in your diet. Consistency and perseverance are key to most things in life and it definitely applies to collagen as well.For the finest marine collagen, look no further than INJA Collagen. Collagen is clinically proven to improve the condition of your skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, INJA Collagen supplements also improve your hair, nails, joints, muscles, bones, ligaments and much more!  Head onto our website injawellness.com to order yours today!


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