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Our Bodies Make Collagen. Do We Need to Eat It Too?

In order to fulfill our culture’s relentless drive to look young and youthful, collagen supplements are gaining a lot of recognition, and rightly so. The evidence has only shown promising results for a large number of people, and the benefits far outweigh the scepticism that some people may come up with.

Let’s not even doubt this protein: It’s perhaps found in the most abundant state in the body. It constitutes three-quarters of one’s skin and provides a structural organ for the body’s organs, such as bones, teeth, cartilage, and blood vessels.

Unfortunately, the presence of collagen in one’s body starts to fade and wane with age. The body slows down its production of it and it ultimately manifests in wrinkles, as the skin becomes less supple and more prone to decreased elasticity.

Lower production of collagen can also slow down wound healing. This exactly explains why a dietary protein can double the recovery rate! While our bodies make collagen, the rate at which they do this substantially decreases. This phenomenon can be taken care of through optimum supplement intake.

Before we understand how the peptides can help us live longer, let’s understand this: Collagen is a family of at least 30 varying proteins which act as building blocks for the skin. Apart from a host of benefits that it offers for the skin, hair and nails, collagen supplementation has also grown pretty popular for supporting gut health, with the research that it can make your intestinal lining less permeable.

A 12-week placebo controlled trial conducted a collagen supplement which is enriched with nutritional cofactors including vitamins C and E, and zinc improved skin quality in women over 35 years old. Studies have also shown supporting evidence for improved skin’s elasticity and some promising benefits for osteoarthritis, which ultimately resulted in reduced subjective collagen for joint health.

However, it’s not just collagen powder and supplements that do the job. There are a few activities which cause a reduction in collagen, such as smoking, eating too much sugar and refined carbs, lack of sleep and exercise, stress and UV rays from the sun’s exposure. Hence, one should always be mindful of the kind of lifestyle one leads on a daily basis.

The bottom line is, if you’re trying to ward off from unwanted wrinkles and lessened skin elasticity, it’s wise to stack up on some trusted collagen supplements. However, the results will most likely be unparalleled if these supplements are accompanied with a healthy diet, good sleep pattern and a holistic lifestyle.

If you’re on the lookout for a collagen brand which manufactures collagen powders for varied benefits, INJA Wellness is the brand to lay your hands on! Deemed as the first brand to come up with naturally flavoured collagen powders which vary in their uses, INJA Wellness harbours the sourcing of hydrolyzed marine collagen from Japan and equips the people with nothing short of the absolute best for their health.



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