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Matcha Tea : How it's made

What is Matcha?

Matcha comes from the plant camellia sinensis, the same plant that black, oolong and other green teas come from.However, what makes Matcha unique is the rigorous and intense method in which it is produced.

Matcha is harvested by hand once per year. Roughly six weeks before harvest, the tea fields are covered from the top in traditional straw or black vinyl sheets. This slowly and gradually decreases the amount of sunlight that the plants receive over time. As a result of this lack of sunlight, the tea leaves begin to increase amounts of both chlorophyll and amino acids; It is known that Matcha contains 137 times the antioxidants, 15 times more nutritional value and burns 25% more calories as compared to regular green tea.

Only the two leaves at the tip of each new shoot are picked. They are then steamed to preserve the colour and nutrients, and to stop the enzymatic action within the leaves, then thoroughly dried in large cages with heated blowers. Once dry, they are sorted by grade (with the youngest, greenest, most tender leaves earning the highest marks).

Then the laborious and immensely time-consuming task of de-stemming and de-veining happens. If the leaves are rolled out they become a premium green tea named Gyokuro, while the leaves that are laid out to dry become Tencha. Tencha is then kept refrigerated until it’s ready to be ground, using large granite wheels that rotate very slowly and gently, into a very fine powder known as Matcha. It takes more than an hour to grind 30 grams. It is this grinding process from which Matcha—抹 茶, literally, “ground tea”—gets its name from. Matcha is then packaged and sent around the world.

INJA Matcha contains organically grown Matcha sourced from the foothills of Shizuoka, Japan, which is known for centuries of Matcha production. The climate in Shizuoka makes it perfect to grow and harvest Matcha. The rigorous process of finely milling the delicate tea leaves makes INJA Matcha replete with a host of benefits to offer. Shop INJA Matcha on



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