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Is Collagen essential for Gut Health?

The gut (gastrointestinal tract) is the long tube that starts at the mouth and ends at the anus.. So it literally spans throughout our entire body! The gut is essentially the barrier between what we eat, the absorption of nutrients into the body and what is excreted. This makes the gut lining's job incredibly important. The lining of our small intestine is where a majority of activity occurs.
Your gut health is directly related to several other aspects of your overall health. From clean and glowing skin to your mental health, to a healthy digestive tract, a healthy gut means a healthy body. Everything we eat, drink, and consume gets digested and absorbed in the gut. We already know that junk food is bad for us, and eating clean foods can boost your mental and physical health.
Nutrients are absorbed directly from here into the bloodstream and the gut lining must distinguish foreign objects (pathogens and harmful bacteria) from the body’s own tissues. When it encounters these it raises the alarm and the immune system jolts in with an immune response. In fact, 70% of your immune system is located in your gut because for most things, this is the entry point to the body.

There are many reasons to take Collagen for gut health and incorporate it into your wellness routine! Most people would relate Collagen supplements to skin, hair and nail health. However, there are multiple benefits that one can get from Collagen, one of which is a healthier gut!

Repairs and soothes gut lining :-

Collagen plays an integral role in rebuilding and strengthening the lining of our digestive tract as it contains the amino acids—particularly Glycine and Glutamine—that are essential for its repair. Glutamine and Glycine have been both identified as key amino acids for preventing inflammation of the gut wall and healing leaky gut syndrome.
In fact, research has shown that Collagen peptides can actually alleviate gut barrier dysfunction. A 2020 study has also found an interesting correlation between a diet rich in Collagen peptides and an altered microbiota with increased short-chain fatty acid production

Eliminates 'Leaky Gut':-

When we experience digestive issues such as leaky gut, we are also likely to suffer from impaired nutrient absorption. Leaky gut is experienced when the epithelial cell junctions (the thin layer of the gut barrier) in the gut become loose, or in other words, there are gaps in the gut lining that create ‘leaking’ of proteins and food particles that should be in the gut, into the bloodstream.
Leaky gut is one of the main reasons we experience all sorts of health concerns like :-

  • Bloating and digestive discomfort
  • Brain fog
  • Energy slumps
  • Low mood
  • Contributes to autoimmunity
  • Skin issues (eczema and psoriasis)

Studies prove that there is a direct correlation between decreased Collagen levels and digestive imbalances. More specifically, there is an association between low levels of Collagen in individuals with Crohn’s disease, Colitis, Celiac disease, and IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome). For this reason, supplementing with Collagen might be a missing link and key to providing relief for those with digestive diseases.
In conclusion
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