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How to Strengthen Your Nails with Collagen


Your body uses protein and amino acids to produce collagen that supports almost every bodily function. Without Collagen, your bones, tendons, cartilage, skin, teeth, and even corneas would not operate efficiently. It only makes sense, then, that the same healing and strengthening properties in collagen that benefit those parts of the body can also help to support your hair and nails’ health. Having brittle nails is a common problem for most people as they grow older. Many notice that their nails peel more easily and are no longer as sturdy as they used to be.

Ageing, sun exposure, smoking, drinking and even diet can impact our bodies, including collagen production. It’s our bodies that often reveal signs that our collagen supply is lacking. These signs include brittle nails, reduced skin hydration, bone loss, poor gut health, and so much more.


Role of Collagen for Nails
When you think of collagen for increased nail health, consider that collagen and keratin are among your nail bed’s most essential properties. Physicians consider our nail beds, specifically blood flow to the capillaries, when they diagnose different conditions.

Collagen contains various amino acids, in particular arginine and proline, which iare essential for nail growth. The amino acid ,arginine, adds nutrients and oxygen to tissues, including those in the nail beds and nail roots. Proline is key for the production of keratin within our body. Keratin is majorly found within nails. Also, while all collagen types play an important role in the body, the most prevalent in nails is Type I. This type of collagen is also present in over 90% of the collagen within your body as well being very essential for your nails and nail beds.

Although collagen supplements may be recommended to help support various conditions, it’s wise to check with your health care professional before you start taking it. Collagen is considered safe but individual health profiles are the main factor in effectiveness and safety. Knowing what you need, and why, will help you make a better informed decision about collagen supplementation.


Study on the impact of Collagen supplements on Nails
A small study revealed that those who took 2.5g of bioactive collagen peptide each day for 24 weeks showed promising nail health results. The scientists focused on nail growth rate and cracked or chipped nails, and brittleness of nails (most common among women), to evaluate their findings. Researchers made assessments during the 24 weeks of collagen ingestion and again four weeks after the treatment concluded. 

While the results were not definitive, they were quite promising. Those who took daily doses of collagen peptides saw a 12% increase in nail growth. Those participants also had a 42% decrease in the frequency of broken nails. Other positives included 64% of participants had clinical improvement in brittle nails.


Most of the participants (88%) saw these results four weeks post-treatment. Scientists noted that 80% of the participants reported improved nail appearance and were “completely satisfied with the treatment’s performance.”

Age, diet, genetics and diet all affect your nail health. For example, menopause triggers hormone fluctuations, which may lead to a condition called onychorrhexis, or brittle nails. In addition, drops in progesterone and estrogen impact your nails, as do reduced collagen levels.

In conclusion 

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