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Highlighting The Post-Diwali Skincare Regimen


While we have now bid adieu to Diwali until next year, one can’t possibly deny the fact that it really takes a toll on our routines. After Diwali, our skin and health may just cry for comfort, owing to how the sweets’ extravaganza disrupts the flow. Enumerated below are ways in which we can ensure a post-festive glow:

1. Never skip the moisturiser: A much-needed ingredient for all skin types, one needs to maintain optimum moisture after the festive season gets over. The constant makeup looks and glam can dry one’s skin out and make it feel extremely weary. Nothing can be a better remedy for your skin other than a hydrating moisturiser and an efficient sunscreen. Hence, don’t skip it!


2. Keep the water levels high: Hydration is something that skips our rulebook during such festive times. After all, who’d possibly think of drinking water amidst a pool of sweets and saccharine stuff? However, the days post-Diwali scream for us to pay heed to water. Have a proper intake and keep yourself hydrated with ample fluids. As Diwali hits the calendar during winter, it’s imperative to keep up with generous levels of hydration, owing to how the weather starts affecting our skin.


3. Befriend yoga: Considering how poor the quality of air gets during Diwali, we need to take precautions to ensure the upkeep of our throat and lungs. Yoga poses can be really effective in post-Diwali relaxation. The asanas aid in optimum relaxation and detox which ultimately result in getting rid of fatigue.

4. Never forget the diet: This is perhaps the most intrinsic aspect of ensuring that we resume back into a good routine. Take proper, nutritious food and avoid the intake of any sweets and junk(While the goodies in the refrigerator may tempt us a lot, choose the high road.) Following a balanced diet helps in reducing the after-effects of such a phase.


As much as one can emphasise taking care of one’s skin through an optimal skincare routine, one can’t neglect the most important skincare aspect: It is mostly internal. A good diet, a sound sleep pattern, and a regular exercise regimen can take us a long way.
While this festival may have put a lot of things on hold, taking care of our skin’s health should not be one of them. A regular intake of INJA’s collagen can ensure that our skin replenishes its elasticity and smoothes out its texture. A few scoops of collagen powder for skin in India really do take us a long way!



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