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Does Collagen Interfere with Your Medications?

Everything you need to know

Let’s begin this topic by elucidating upon the exact meaning of collagen. To understand in brief, collagen peptides are extremely safe to take, but it’s always better to know what they contain in order for them to be helpful. In most of the cases, best japanese collagen supplement usually will only contain animal-derived extracts, such as the amino acids that are derived from cows, fish, pig, chicken and sheep. However, it’s recommended to do a check of the ingredients with your dermatologist for the clarification of any added concerns.

Collagen is high in protein, and generally, high protein- diets are safe. However, here we bust the potential side effects of collagen on two commonly prescribed medications:


Collagen and thyroid medication:

L-Thyroid disease is extremely prevalent throughout the world. There are two main types of thyroid disease: hypothyroidism (your body produces too little thyroid hormones) and hyperthyroidism (your body produces too much thyroid hormones). Collagen works wonders when it comes to losing the thyroid hormone levels.

Collagen is known to provide an abundant source of the amino acid glycine. This blocks a common compound that inhibits thyroid function. As our immune system breaks the toxins down, a compound called endotoxin is released. It further activates an inflammatory response which could lower thyroid hormone levels.

Collagen also helps in the reduction of stress. The overproduction of cortisol damages our body, especially the thyroid and the liver and often leads to adrenal fatigue. It’s the high levels of glycine in collagen which Is responsible for reducing stress and promoting proper thyroid function.


Collagen and blood pressure medications:

Albeit this condition is pretty common, blood pressure can be regulated well if one incorporates healthy food and exercise as a part of daily regimen. There are also some theories which support the evidence of collagen lowering one’s blood pressure.

Glycine, one of the primary amino acids found in collagen, can actually promote heart health and protect one against arterial damage. Collagen is also known to boost the levels of nitric oxide, which is a compound that enhances blood flow and lowers blood pressure

However, in some cases of severe blood pressure concerns, it is imperative to consult a primarily healthcare provider before the intake of any supplement. Even if you do not take any medications, you must know that best quality collagen powder not only contain hydrolysed collagen peptides. Some of them may also be formulated with vitamin E or D, that may interact with your medications. Hence, it’s always better to consult your healthcare provider before you purchase any collagen supplements, as the doctor may consider your medical history and give an informed answer.

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