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Collagen types: Is all collagen created equal?


Collagen types: Is all collagen created equal?

If you’re looking for a brief answer to this, it’s a big, fat NO. Collagen comes in different types. Various forms of collagen occur naturally in your body which help in ensuring joint health, healthy skin, and many more benefits. This is why educating yourself about collagen can take you a long way in terms of your health and physical well-being.


This is what you need to know:
1. There are multiple types of collagen found throughout the animal kingdom. However, type 1, type 2 and type 3 collagen make up most of the collagen which is found in the human body.

2. Collagen supplements can be found in the usual forms of pills, powders and liquids.

3. Collagen protein supplements are usually derived from the scales of fish or beef. Marine collagen is renowned to be one of the finest forms of collagen which is available for human consumption.


4. Hydrolyzed collagen, collagen peptides and collagen hydrolysate basically refer to the collagen that has undergone hydrolysis to make it easier to dissolve.

What types of collagen are found in the human body?
While Types I, II and III account for 80-90% of collagen in the human body, there are otherwise 28 different members of the collagen family which are found across the animal kingdom.

Type I collagen: This type of collagen is found in abundance in the human body. It is found in nearly all the connective tissues and is also prevalent in the intestines.


Type II Collagen: Type II collagen is also abundant in the body and is the main collagen type found in cartilage.
Type III collagen: This type of collagen is found in areas such as one’s skin, lungs and vascular system. It’s this type of collagen that ensures the suppleness and elasticity of your skin.

Not all collagen is created equal. Choosing a supplement or wellness collagen that is right for you involves ample research and something that fits your dietary needs. If you’re on the lookout for the best collagen supplement in India, go for INJA’s hydrolyzed collagen. INJA’s collagen is sourced from Japan and is deemed as the most premium form of marine collagen for consumption.



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