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At What Age Should We Start Consuming Collagen?

Best collagen supplements for skin in India have carved a niche in wellness regimes as a holistic approach to health, beauty, and fitness. However, amidst the product being constantly linked to looking youthful and having firmer skin, it may be difficult to understand when to actually begin the use of collagen supplements. Here’s a short guide that takes you through this magical journey of wellness from within:

1. Before we begin to dictate a time frame for collagen, it’s imperative to understand what it can do for you. Taking collagen supplements can be a game changer for your skin’s health. It aids in keeping the skin plump and prevents the problem of wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of ageing.

It also supports skin’s moisture and ensures that your skin’s texture and elasticity remain intact for years. However, it’s not all related to beauty. Collagen plays a major role in the development of healthy joints and bones. As the most abundant form of protein present in one’s the human body, collagen is undeniably important for people in their journey to wellness.

2. At what age do you start taking collagen? When it comes to the intake of collagen, there is no right age for the consumption of the same. The optimal time for a person depends upon multiple factors, such as genetics and lifestyle habits. However, here is what you should consider while you decide when to begin:

  • Collagen starts to decide in your 20s: As the levels of collagen naturally decline with age, the process begins in your 20s and continues to decrease about 1% each year. Hence, it’s always better to start the intake of collagen during these years.
  • Ensure to consider your lifestyle factors: A few things that can play a major role in collagen degradation are oxidative stress and sun exposure. Other harmful habits take the form of eating excess sugar, smoking cigarettes, and environmental pollution. Lack of sleep and poor nutrition can also speed up the process of collagen degradation.

In a nutshell, the answer to when one should start taking collagen majorly depends from people to people. Your needs for collagen are more likely to be different than others. Your age and lifestyle habits can help you gauge if your skin could use collagen peptides sooner or later. While you’re at it, it is recommended by dermatologists to choose hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides for increased skin elasticity and improved joint health.

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