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Are Collagen Supplements Damaged by Heat?

When you heat any meals and supplements, the nutritional content (enzymes, vitamins) is lost. But, in the case of collagen supplements, does heat make a difference?

Fortunately, collagen protein is resistant to heat. Collagen peptides can survive temperatures as high as 572°F, making collagen one of the few protein powders that may be used in cooking and baking.

Is Heat Harmful to Collagen Supplements?

Heat does not harm collagen supplements if they are cooked at a safe temperature. Collagen proteins maintain their integrity at temperatures as high as 572°F (300°C)

This is especially good news for those of you who mix the best quality collagen powder into your daily coffee to get extra amino acids that promote shiny hair and younger-looking skin.

When exposed to heat, are all collagens created equally?

The more amino acids there are in a peptide, the more stable it is at higher temperatures. Collagen Types I and III, which are found in our marine collagen products, have the largest percentage of amino acids and are thus the most heat resistant.


Cooking and Baking with Collagen:-

Protein is more satiating than fat or carbohydrates, and it boosts your metabolism, making it ideal for burning fat while keeping full. Collagen peptides might be your hidden weapon when it comes to keeping lean.

Add a couple of scoops of collagen peptides to your favorite pancake recipe for a protein-packed breakfast that will keep you satisfied all morning.

Collagen peptides are also effective in hot liquids. Water boils at 100°c, which is significantly lower than the temperature at which collagen Types 1 and 3 become unstable. Soups benefit from collagen's thickness and protein content.

Add collagen peptides to your daily coffee or tea for quick and simple protein if you're searching for a low-carb or keto-friendly breakfast.

SO, Collagen and heat DO interact - in wonderful and healthful ways. Collagen is a high-quality, easily digested-protein source. You can get our INJA collagen here and experiment with it in coffee, pancakes, or soup. It's great stuff!



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