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An Overview of Marine Collagen - INJA Wellness

While consuming collagen has almost become a norm in the beauty sector, one can’t simply neglect the sheer benefits of this supplement. Considering how collagen constitutes one of the body’s protein components, here is an overview of the formulation of Japanese collagen:

When you compare Japanese hydrolysed marine collagen with collagen sourced from pigs or cattle, it is generally considered a much safer and preferred option. This is because it is extracted from the cod skin or scales of the fish when they are free of any disease or touch of pollution.

Collagen has great tensile strength, as it is a structural protein that is responsible for not just the upkeep of one’s skin, but also for strengthening the blood vessels and the connective tissues. Japanese collagen has often been recognised for its biological action, with a wonderful potential to be used in the field of skincare. Japanese marine collagens have also been found to have multiple benefits in healing wounds which result from different traumas, such as burns, grafting, ulcerations, and many more.


When it comes to choosing an actual and true alternative source of collagen, there is nothing that does its job better than marine collagen. Marine species are known to present a very distinctive advantage to the users: They have a way the lower risk of transmission to humans of infection-causing agents. They are also not really subjected to any cultural or religious concerns. From biomedical applications to skincare concerns, Japanese marine collagen is multifaceted when it comes to its benefits.

INJA wellness equips you with hydrolysed marine collagen, which is easily digested and evenly distributed, and absorbed by the body. It nourishes your skin with proper hydration, elasticity, and reduction of wrinkles. Enriched with flavours and variants, choose your ideal collagen from INJA’s website now!



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