Here Are the Best Ways to Use Matcha Tea from INJA Wellness

Here Are the Best Ways to Use Matcha Tea from INJA Wellness

What exactly is Matcha powder?

Matcha powder is derived from the same plant, camellia Sinensis, as green tea. To produce Matcha leaves, the green tea plants are shaded for the last 4 weeks before harvest and the stems and veins are removed before processing, leaving only the nutrient-rich leaves behind. The leaves are then dried and finely ground to make Matcha powder.

The health properties of Matcha include:-

1) Rich in antioxidants, which are known to protect against heart disease and cancer

2) It regulates blood sugar and reduces blood pressure

3) Burns 25% more calories as compared to regular green tea.

Here are 10 different ways to incorporate Matcha powder to your diet:-

1) Make Matcha Tea:-

The traditional preparation of Matcha is a simple green tea. To make Matcha tea, combine two teaspoons of Matcha with hot water in a mug and stir or whisk to dissolve. Try adding a sweetener like honey or combat the bitter flavour of raw Matcha powder.

2) Matcha smoothie:-

Spruce up a traditional green smoothie with a hint of Matcha

3) Matcha popsicle:-

Beat the summer heat by adding Matcha to water or yogurt and freeze it to make delicious Matcha popsicles.

4) Matcha ice-cream:-

Blend frozen bananas in a food processor with a few teaspoons of Matcha. Add a bit of honey and freeze to make yummy low fat ice cream.

5) Matcha Popcorn:-

Combine one part Matcha with two parts fine sea salt to make popcorn seasoning that's way healthier than butter.

6) Oatmeal or bowl of granola:-

One of the easiest ways to add Matcha to your diet is to simply stir some into your breakfast bowl of oatmeal or granola.

7) Matcha pancakes:-

Simply add a few teaspoons of Matcha powder to your dry pancake ingredients to make delectable Matcha pancakes.

8) Matcha brownies:-

If you're not a fan of the bitter taste of Matcha, you can add a few teaspoons of Matcha in your chocolate brownie batter and even add a dusting of Matcha using a sieve once baked!

9) Matcha jelly:-

Combine 3 cups hot brewed Matcha tea, ¼ cup raw honey, and 3 Tbsp gelatin powder in a bowl. Pour into silicone ice tray or mold, and allow to set in refrigerator overnight!

10) Matcha lentils:-

Matcha isn't just for sweet delicacies. You can add bright, umami-inflected notes to regular lentils/dal and up the fiber content making them extra nutritious!

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