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10 Reasons Why Your Skin, Hair and Nails Need Collagen This Winter

During the season of winter, your body in general tends to feel exceptionally dehydrated. The lack of humidity in the air during the cooler months means skin, hair and nails can be starved for moisture. This leads to dryness, chapping, and cracking of the skin. Hairfall, dryness of the scalp as well as nail brittleness.
Here are some external circumstances that can affect your skin during the winter season:- 

1) If you turn to caffeinated coffee or tea more in the winter, you may experience drier skin due to their subtle diuresis effects.

2) Winter’s cold air and low humidity dry out skin. Winter air can be intensely drying to skin, nails, and hair. It can significantly affect the amount of moisture they retain.

3) When it’s cold outside, you may head indoors. Heaters, indoor fires, forced air, and other heat sources all reduce the humidity in the air, inevitably, making your skin. hair, and cuticles dry as well.


4) Bathing in hot water is unavoidable during the winter season. However, hot water dries the skin and hair out more than lukewarm water.

5) Strong winter winds. Winds are strongest during winter which can dry out your skin.

6) Winters make the hair dry, prone to static, and often lead to split ends and damage. More often than not, the exposure to the harsh cold elements and constant transition to heated indoors can deprive your hair of its moisture, leading to dull hair that’s more susceptible to damage. Not only are your strands at risk of breakage due to the dry, cold winter air, but scalp dryness, dandruff, can rear its ugly head during these drier months.

It is a well known notion that consuming Collagen supplements can help you fight these issues from the inside out.  One product, in particular, can improve your skin’s health, appearance, and structure from the inside out.

Can Collagen actually help improve winter skin, hair and nails against all these disadvantages of winter ?

 Let’s find out

1. Structure of skin :-
A recent 2017 study was conducted to see if Collagen supplementation actually changed the Collagen content in the skin itself. In fact, Collagen consumption for 6 months increased the Collagen in the skin and improved its structure. What’s more, scientists have also found that Collagen supplementation improves the colour and luster of hair (or fur) in mice studies.

2. Water retention :-
In addition to the increase in Collagen content of the skin, these same researchers found that skin elasticity improved. Incredibly, the moisture content was significantly improved with less transepidermal water loss. Another study of 20 Japanese women found that 10 grams of daily Hydrolyzed Collagen improved water absorption of skin. 

3. Improved digestion :-
Digestion is vital to every other organ in the body, including skin. When we digest and absorb nutrients better, more nutrients are delivered to the skin. Fortunately, Collagen improves the health of the digestive tract. Type I & II  Collagen is vital for the gut lining, and it improves the barrier of the gut to the rest of the body. This actually improves both digestion and immune function.

4. Improved heart health and digestion :-
Once nutrients are digested and absorbed, they depend on the circulatory system to get to all organs, including the skin. Fortunately, Collagen also improves heart health. In fact, it helps form artery walls in the human body. Which is why Collagen is essential for heart health and digestion.

5. Improves wound healing :-

If you want your skin to be healthy, it must be able to heal. Collagen can help your skin heal better. In fact, a 2009 lab study showed quicker wound closure, better tissue regeneration, and better skin structure with Collagen supplementation.


6. Reverse hair fall :-
Our hair is composed mostly of protein. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, formed through chains of amino acids that act as building blocks. Two essential amino acids for hair growth are glycine and proline that are present in Collagen supplements. Boosting your Collagen production could be the key to improving your hair health, along with other aspects of your overall health.
7. Avoid brittle nails :-
With winter comes dry hands and rough skin especially around the nails and cuticles. In a study conducted on a sample audience, Collagen peptides promoted an increase of 12% nail growth rate and a decrease of 42% in the frequency of broken nails.

In the winter, your skin, hair and nails need all the help they can get. By making just 8-12 grams of Collagen per day part of your routine, you can vastly improve your skin plus boost immune, cardiovascular, and digestive health. Good health is just a scoop away!
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